Monday, July 15, 2013

Simplify Your Way

Hello Monday. Well the downs I had yesterday are basically gone and it is things like that remind me that worrying and being concerned for things I cannot fix right then will only cause me unneeded stress.  So now onto the next worry I do have a little control over….meals and food budget.  I have debt.  A LOT of debt.  So it is really important to keep our spending down to minimum (which we are really bad at) but working on.

One of things that I have started doing is couponing.  I am by no means an extreme couponer but I do try to use coupons whenever possible.  I have my mother send me coupons, I get them from the paper and I print them from couponing sites like  I also try to only purchase things that are on sale that is automatically discounted with my store’s member card.  I can generally save at least $40 per week with this method and only about 1 to 1.5 hours a week to look at deals and match up my coupons. 

With couponing, I also try to do a little meal planning since I am finding my nights more filled with AA meetings, laundromat visits and, hopefully getting back on the workout train.  So having things semi prepared for dinner or at least having an idea of what needs to be takes away some of the unneeded stress of evenings.   I like to keep it simple.  Like this week, we are having simple shrimp scampi with noodles, hamburger and rice skillet, chicken stir-fry and a simple hot dog night in case we (mostly I) don’t feel like rushing and cooking.

Simplify is my current theme to my sobriety trail.  When things get overwhelming, I find myself wishing there was something to take the edge off.  Anything at all and that is when I find myself in danger.  So simple steps to keep me in check like simple money saving, easy nights at home and the freedom to not have to stress really helps me stay sober.  Is there something you do that keeps you sober?  I would love to know your go to stress free tips!

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